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Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours. Maybe it was yesterday" 2. Furthermore, we are left wondering why their relationship was good, which remains an unanswered question throughout the novel.

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I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world. Finding it so much like myself—so like a brother, really—I felt that had been happy and that I was happy again. For everything to be consummated, for me to feel less alone…" These tears are later gathered together, dried, and yield ten pounds of salt, which foreshadows the sadness that will continue to the plague the novel. This short passage is important for two reasons.

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First of all, it lays some of the groundwork for understanding Mama Elena, even if we are encouraged to view her as a tyrant. Secondly, the fact that he breast milk dries up indicates that she was unable to form a bond with her daughter and that she was, even from the beginning, unable to nurture her. Even her ghost appears to admonish Tita and although she is eventually cast out, her presence seems to linger and have an effect on the outcome of the story.

Like Water for Chocolate

Mama Elena is always vigilant and watchful, which her daughter finds very stressful and unpleasant. The only time, aside from that which was stated above, that the reader is given a clue as to why Mersault seems to have a troubled relationship with his mother or any woman for that reason is that he feels as though he is being watched.

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For someone as deeply affected by unpleasant sensations as Mersault is, this is just one theory about why he put her in the home. For both of these characters, however, their final reaction to life and death can be summed up in their attitudes and experiences with their mothers. In this essay, I will present and explain some of the ways Laura Esquivel builds the character Tita from birth to nurturing, the role of her family and predetermined paths to show Tita as an imprisoned trapped character in the early chapters of the novel.

click here The connection made is important as it shows that Nacha is not only nurturing Tita through feeding but the bond shall strengthen and Nacha will turn into even more of a mother figure to Tita. Furthermore, the way in which Mama Elena says this is an example of the connection between Mama Elena and Tita. Through ideas of fate and her role as the youngest daughter in the family, she is stripped of marriage and many other privileges her sisters can enjoy.

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Like Water for Chocolate

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