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  1. Tuwhare, Hone
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Tuwhare looks to show the reader the effects that the bombing has on Hiroshima and its nature by emphasising what is lost. No longer is there a job, school or game to go to because the end is near.

Tuwhare also places a large amount of emphasis on how tough it is for Hiroshima and Japan to come back as a community after such destruction. This is because lives, resources, industries and most importantly hope have all been lost.

Tuwhare, Hone

No longer does Hiroshima have a strong infrastructure and base to build upon. Tuwhare show us that in such circumstances there is no need to respect others or nature. Tuwhare again looks to emphasise to the reader that death is the only possible outcome to this gruesome event by using enjambment. Tuwhare emphasises that in these times we do not have to show the right etiquette, or respect one another because our relationship with them is gone.

Tuwhare looks to finish the poem strongly by repeating how little hope there is for the tree and Hiroshima alike as death awaits. Death ultimately leads to an excessive loss of hope, and Tuwhare looks to emphasise the utter hopelessness that Hiroshima had as soon as the nuclear bomb blasts hit. Tuwhare emphasises to the reader that this is completely unnecessary, and that life, and the relations between people and other countries should never come to this. This closely relates to the poor relations between Pakistan and India. For many years the two nations have been constantly fighting, but do not realise that peace will never come as a result of war.

Indubitably, negotiating using peaceful means would make life everywhere so much safer, easier and happier. Tuhware again uses a lone tree as his main symbol, and uses it to portray ideas of childhood innocence and hope. This shows how great the friendship once was, and what its current state is. Tuwhare also emphasises how a strong friendship can easily broken, through petty disputes and mindless arguments.

Whilst reflecting on his old friendship, Tuwhare things of a regeneration and the chance of rekindling his long lost friendship. Tuwhare tentatively asks his friend for a chance to rekindle their lost friendship, rather than order him to with an imperative. Tuwhare emphasises that with a bit of effort from both parties to forgive and move on, a friendship can easily be rejuvenated.

James K. Baxter Complete Prose Volume 1

Tuwhare indicates to the reader that we must look to swallow our pride in such circumstance, and look to do the right thing. Tuwhare teaches us that we must be thoughtful and genuine when making a proposal like this. Tuwhare shows the reader that he wants to know whether his friend looked back on their friendship with fondness like he does.

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Tuwhare shows us that if both did, then there was a distinct chance of a rejuvenating on a friendship. Tuwhare shows us that there is always some kind of hope in the world we live in, and that we must make the most of the hope we have. We must make the most of every little opportunity we may have. Tuwhare shows us that we must forgive and forget, when in such a situation rather than ignore or neglect those who have sinned against us.

No Ordinary Sun By Hone Tuwhare. - ppt download

Tuwhare uses symbolism as his main technique in both poems, although they portray vastly different themes. Tuwhare expresses his ideas clearly to the reader and teaches us that we must make the most of our opportunities, while they are still on offer. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime.


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