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The Emancipation Proclamation freed all the slaves in the United States, although the army was unable to enforce this in the South. Abraham knew that he would be remembered for this act, but he did it because he felt that slavery was evil in nature. The Emancipation Proclamation was extremely controversial. Lincoln stood his ground, as all great leaders must. Abraham Lincoln was a great man.

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He was honest, humble, and most of all: a great leader. He led in his early political days as well as leading the United States through the toughest time in our nation's history. Lincoln's greatest thing he did was free the slaves. He stood up for what he believed in. He believed in the Constitution, the Bible, and the idea that,? All men are created equal.? Across FIve Aprils. The Lincoln Assassination.

General Robert E. With Malice Toward None. The North And South. Many People Think Of The. Andrew Johnson.

North Vs. Abraham Lincoln: A Great Leader. Oates Published By Ment. African Americans In The South. Killed by an assassin's bullet less than a week after the surrender of Confederate forces, Lincoln left the nation a more perfect Union and thereby earned the admiration of most Americans as the country's greatest President. Born dirt-poor in a log cabin in Kentucky in , Lincoln grew up in frontier Kentucky and Indiana, where he was largely self-educated, with a taste for jokes, hard work, and books. He served for a time as a soldier in the Black Hawk War, taught himself law, and held a seat in the Illinois state legislature as a Whig politician in the s and s.

From state politics, he moved to the U. House of Representatives in , where he voiced his opposition to the U.

In , he went up against one of the most popular politicians in the nation, Senator Stephen Douglas, in a contest for the U. Lincoln lost that election, but his spectacular performance against Douglas in a series of nationally covered debates made him a contender for the Republican presidential nomination. In the campaign for President, Lincoln firmly expressed his opposition to slavery and his determination to limit the expansion of slavery westward into the new territories acquired from Mexico in His election victory created a crisis for the nation, as many Southern Democrats feared that it would just be a matter of time before Lincoln would move to kill slavery in the South.

Rather than face a future in which black people might become free citizens, much of the white South supported secession. This reasoning was based upon the doctrine of states' rights, which placed ultimate sovereignty with the states. Lincoln vowed to preserve the Union even if it meant war. In battles fought from Virginia to California but mainly in Virginia, in the Mississippi River Valley, and along the border states a great civil war tore the United States apart. In pursuing victory, Lincoln assumed extralegal powers over the press, declared martial law in areas where no military action justified it, quelled draft riots with armed soldiers, and drafted soldiers to fight for the Union cause.

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No President in history had ever exerted so much executive authority, but he did so not for personal power but in order to preserve the Union. In , as an example of his limited personal ambitions, Lincoln refused to call off national elections, preferring to hold the election even if he lost the vote rather than destroy the democratic basis upon which he rested his authority. With the electoral support of Union soldiers, many of whom were given short leaves to return home to vote, and thanks to the spectacular victory of Union troops in General Sherman's capture of Atlanta, Lincoln was decisively reelected.

What started as a war to preserve the Union and vindicate democracy became a battle for freedom and a war to end slavery when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in January of Through a series of events, a once illiterate individual became the most powerful person in the U.

Those were the days which had in store for this aspired leader a bag of failures. He failed in business, lost election to the state legislature, speaker of the house, nomination for congress, appointment of land officer, twice to the US senate and nomination for vice president. These failures would have left any person other than Lincoln disheartened and de motivated. But the commendable part of this great man is that it was after all these failures he was elected as a president of the nation which is walking with its head high even to this day.

He played a significant role during the civil war in ending slavery and in unifying the nation. At the time of American Revolution there were 1 million African slaves in the colonies, agriculture economy was largely dependent on their labor. Anybody who wanted to end slavery would not take any step towards it because slavery was the key to producing cotton which led to industrial revolution and capitalization.

The American Civil War which broke out in the year was the front seat for Lincoln towards abolition of slavery and turning the union army into the army of liberation.

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He enforced emancipation proclamation in in southern states where blacks and slavery formed a major part. Lincoln was forced to withdraw emancipation by his Republican Party members with a fear that he would not be re-elected. Adhering to his decision he said if ever he would withdraw then he should deserve to be damned in time and eternity. He was of the opinion that if slavery is not wrong then nothing is wrong.

He was successful in bringing one black in every 10 soldiers thereby creating and enlarging their space among the whites. What started as a war to preserve the Union now became a battle to end slavery. Approximately two hundred thousand African Americans fought for the Union cause. In American history no president ever faced a greater crisis and no President ever accomplished as much Lincoln did. Abraham Lincoln understood that for the U. A moral nation that boasts life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all cannot be masters of human beings.

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With an iron resolve, patience and careful timing, Lincoln gave back an America that was indeed free and whole. It is in this due course that he starts understanding his own needs and characteristics and also of the fellow participants. In the mean time he builds confidence and trust among his team mates.

A group works together can be best when everybody is headed in the same direction.

Abraham Lincoln: Life in Brief | Miller Center

If a plan has to be properly carried out somebody must lead the effort. In any field a vision is practical, convincing and attractive illustration of where you want to be in the future. Vision provides direction in achieving it. Once there is a vision, leaders must make them compelling and realistic.

A compelling vision is one that people can understand, feel and embrace the vision. Effective leaders are one who provides a rich picture of how the future looks like. They try to tell stories and explain their vision in the ways the people can understand and cope up with him. A vision provides the foundation for leadership, but its ability of the leaders to inspire and motivate the people to help them to drive the vision. Here the people respect and believe in leaders because these leaders are expert in what they do, because these leaders would have earned the right to ask people to listen to them and follow them.

This helps leaders to inspire and motivate the people to achieve the vision. This is where management comes to picture.

Abraham Lincoln: A Great Leader

Here, the leadership relates to management by knowing which approach is batter and when you need to apply it is the key to effective leadership. To achieve the vision leaders must ensure that the work required to deliver that vision is managed and they should ensure that the vision is successful. A leader must ensure that the team members have all the skills and abilities to achieve their vision.

They do this by taking and giving the feedback regularly. Leadership also includes looking out for leadership qualities in others. So that by developing the leadership qualities within your team, where you can create an environment where you can be successful in the long term continuously. Where, Lincoln had a capacity to listen to different points of view and he created a climate where the cabinet members were free to disagree without any fear and give their opinion.

At the same time Lincoln knew when to stop the discussion and make the final decision, by taking various opinions from his cabinet members. When there was success Lincoln shared the credit with all members who were involved in it, without taking the credit of success to his own.