Three essays on corporate governance and financial disclosure


  1. Corporate Governance and Voluntary Financial Disclosure by Canadian Listed Firms
  2. 2.2 Definition and theoretical foundation of corporate governance and voluntary disclosure
  3. Corporate Governance in Malaysia
  4. The Concept Of Corporate Governance Finance Essay

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Corporate Governance and Voluntary Financial Disclosure by Canadian Listed Firms

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In particular the right to receive a share of the dividends to be distributed. The right to dispose of the shares, the right to monitor the work of the Board of Directors and bring the claim of liability on the members. And the right to inquire and request information in a way that does not harm the interests of the company and does not contradict with the financial market regulations. One of the most important mechanisms for shareholders to obtain their voting rights for the selection of board members is the cumulative vote.

Is a voting method for selecting the members of the Board of Directors, which grants each shareholder the ability to vote in the number of shares he owns, so that he is entitled to vote for one candidate or to divide him or her among the selected candidates without repeating these votes.

Finally the voting mechanism was implemented in order to increase the size and facilitate the participation of the shareholders in the General Assembly meeting and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of these meetings, as the need arises to apply this modern mechanism to keep abreast of developments and applying the latest technologies that will overcome the obstacles that may prevent Shareholder participation or assembly.

Under this mechanism, the shareholder can exercise the right to vote without the need to attend the assembly premises. In addition, this helps companies to ensure the quorum and assemblies, as well as reduce the expenses of listed companies resulting from non-compliance the convening of the Assemblies at the specified times.

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Disclosure and transparency are among the most important principles of corporate governance to enable shareholders to obtain the required information transparently and fairly. Therefore, listed companies in the financial market are required to set their disclosure policies, procedures and supervisory systems in writing.

Moreover, the factors influencing its business that assist the investor to assess the assets, liabilities and position of the Company Financial statements.

The Board of Directors represents all the shareholders. Therefore, they must take care and loyalty in the management of the company and all that will safeguard and develop its interests and maximize its value. The decision also includes naming members and defining their duties, rights and duties, and evaluating the performance and work of these committees and their members. The Board of Directors should maintain the required level of autonomy in making decisions that would achieve the objectives of the company and its shareholders. The majority of the members of the Board must be non-executive members and the number of independent members should not be less than two members or one third of the members of the Board.

Executive Member: A member of the Board of Directors who is a full-time executive director of the company and participates in daily business. Independent Member: A non-executive board member who enjoys full independence in his position and decisions, and does not apply any of the symptoms of independence, for example, but not limited to:. To have a relationship with any of the members of the board of directors of the company or another company of its group.

2.2 Definition and theoretical foundation of corporate governance and voluntary disclosure

To have a relationship with any of the senior executives of the company or in another company of its group. To be a member of the board of directors of another company of the company group nominated for membership of its board of directors. The Board of Directors is fully responsible for the Company even if it has formed committees or delegated to other entities or individuals to perform certain of its functions.

The Board of Directors may not issue general or indefinite mandates. The Board of Directors must carry out its duties with responsibility, good faith, seriousness and interest. A member of the Board of Directors shall be committed to the interest of the Company in general and not to the interests of the group he or she has voted to appoint on the Board of Directors.

Corporate Governance in Malaysia

The Board of Directors shall be specialized committees in accordance with the need of the company to enable it to carry out its tasks effectively. The formation of the committees shall be in accordance with general procedures established by the Board, which shall specify the mission of each committee, the duration of its work and the powers vested therein.

Granting a loan requires mutual trust between lenders and borrower and depends on the flow of information. The relevance and the accuracy of the information are necessary to ensure the best judgement about the creditworthiness of borrowers. However, information asymmetry between the borrower and the lender is the main hurdle for any judgement about the borrower. Although default prediction has commanded the attention of researchers over many years, there is still an important gap in the literature on the selection of the suitable default predictor information for improved borrower evaluation.

To broaden the understanding of the information content of default predictor variables, the first essay addresses and tests the impact of corporate governance on default prediction.

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It examines several testable hypotheses regarding the relations between corporate governance and default prediction, building on the Standard and Poor corporate governance framework proposed by Ashbaugh-Skaife et al. The research employs the conventional logistic regression to provide empirical evidence from U. Empirical results are consistent with the following notions: First, default firms are associated with high ownership concentration, low shareholder rights, low financial transparency and disclosures, and less board effectiveness.

Second, in-sample and out-of-sample tests support the incremental contribution of corporate governance information on default prediction, when compared with the models involving just financial information. In addition to the analyses on the U.

The Concept Of Corporate Governance Finance Essay

This study argues that emerging markets are important because they present several institutional differences that cannot be examined in the developed markets. The rapid evolvement of these markets provides excellent experimental grounds for studying many financial issues. The empirical results show that whilst an integrated model provides overall stronger predictive value; financial information is more relevant for USA firms.

Corporate governance appears more relevant in emerging markets than in mature markets, but the effectiveness of the individual corporate governance practices differs between countries. The second essay discusses the impact of corporate governance on the correlation in corporate defaults.

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