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A post-Marxian exploration. Tatsuni, Kayoko Coalition politics, ethnic violence and citizenship: Muslim political agency in Meerut, India, c. Farole, Thomas Community, society and adaptation: Assessing the institutional factors behind long-run growth in the local and regional economy.

Master thesis evaluation

Al-Ramahi, Aseel Competing rationalities: The evolution of arbitration in commercial disputes in modern Jordan. Desta, Amare Comprehending indigenous knowledge: An ethnographic study of knowledge processes within natural resource management. Iqani, Mehitabel Consumer magazine covers in the public realm.

Lim, Ai Leen Corporate social responsibility and the role of transnational corporations in global justice. Ellis, Jas Culture, fertility, and son preference. Pardinas, Juan E Decentralisation and budget accountability in the twilight of Mexican presidentialism. Rudisill, A. Caroline Decision-making under riskthe case of adolescent smoking.

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Jasson, Chiara Developing discourse? National referendums and news coverage of the European Constitutional process. Tsatsou, Panayiota Digital divides in Greece: The role of society's culture and decision-making from a top-down and bottom-up perspective. Implications for the European information society. Bleck, Alexander Disclosure and trading games in financial markets.

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  • Henriksen, Rune Does the West still need warriors? Selim, Shahpar Ecological modernisation theory and Bangladesh: Lessons from the environmental compliance upgrading experiences of Bangladeshi garments firms. Elgazzar, Hebatalla Abdelhamid Economic status and access to health care: An empirical study of Egypt and Lebanon. Sjoberg, Fredrik M Elections and identity politics in Kyrgyzstan moving beyond the 'clan politics' hypothesis. Eccles, Timothy Stephen The English building industry in late modernity: An empirical investigation of the definition, construction and meaning of profession.

    Katrantzi, Ioanna Equilibria of dynamic mutual choice mating games. Shamloo, Maral Essays in empirical macroeconomics. Kalnina, Ilze Essays on estimation and inference for volatility with high frequency data. Fons-Rosen, Christian Essays on knowledge flows, international economics, and entrepreneurship. Zabczyk, Pawel Essays on macro-finance. McMahon, Michael Francis Essays on macroeconomics: Macroeconomic policy and economic performance. Bena, Jan Essays on the interaction between financial development and real economy.

    Reubi, David Ethics governance, modernity and human beings' capacity to reflect and decidea genealogy of medical research ethics in the UK and Singapore. Allin, Sara Examining aspects of equality in Canada's health system. Parham, Susan Exploring London's food quarters: Urban design and social process in three food-centred spaces. Bathia, Neil Factor modeling for high dimensional time series. Ban, Radu Four "new political economy" essays. Schober, Pia Sophia From partners to parents: The gender division of domestic work, parenthood, and relationship quality of British couples.

    Xie, Gang Gender discrimination, optimal allocation and partial-pooling Nash equilibrium: Essays on insurance markets with a participation option. Curtis, Simon J Global cities and the transformation of the international system. Trehan, Nidhi Human rights entrepreneurship in post-socialist Hungary: From the "Gypsy problem" to "Romani rights". Heitmeyer, Carolyn M Identity and difference in a Muslim community in central Gujarat, India following the communal violence.

    Mock, Steven Images of defeat in the construction of national identity. Minto, Indianna Deborah Incumbent response to telecommunications reform: The cases of Jamaica and Ireland, Boucas, Dimitris Information society and the state: The Greek version of the information society paradigm. Hansen, Stephen Information, career concerns and organizational performance. Aney, Madhav Shrihari Institutional design under asymmetric information. Bukhalenkov, Evgeny Institutionalisation of technology-supported organisational processes: A structurational perspective on IT service management support technology.

    Fernandes, Felipe Tamega Institutions, geography and market power: The political economy of rubber in the Brazilian Amazon, c. Gocer, Derya Interaction between the international and the domestic: The case of the Constitutional Revolution in the Ottoman Empire. Rossi, Mauro Interpersonal comparisons of utility: The epistemological problem.

    Leili Anvar Phd Thesis

    Heathcote, Gina Justifying force: A feminist analysis of the international law on the use of force. Yi, Jonghyun The Korean retailing sector since the s: Government, consumers and the rise and fall of the department store. Kiyimba, Kizito Michael Polanyi's theory of tacit knowledge: An epistemology of skill in science. Chahed, Yasmine Mistrust in numbers: The rise of non-financial and future-oriented reporting in UK accounting regulation in the s.

    Lennox, Corinne Mobilising for group-specific norms: Reshaping the international protection regime for minorities. Jiron, Paola Mobility on the move: Examining urban daily mobility practices in Santiago de Chile. Di Bucchianico, Maria Elena Modelling high temperature superconductivity: A philosophical inquiry in theory, experiment and dissent. Clinch, Megan Muddling through with non-compliant biology: An ethnographic investigation the meaning and practice of evidence in an NHS thyroid disease out-patients clinic.

    Csedo, Krisztina New Eurostars?

    The labour market incorporation of East European professionals in London. Earle, Lucy Olivia Occupying the illegal city: Urban social movements and transgressive citizenship in Sao Paulo. Tredger, Edward On the evaluation of uncertainties in climate models. Loening, Matthias Maria Ownership, efficiency and quality: A comparison between national health service and independent sector treatment centres in England.

    Master Thesis Evaluation

    Patel, Viresh Partitions of combinatorial structures. Santiago Caballero, Carlos Path to survival: The response to the production crisis of the late 18th century in the Spanish region of Guadalajara. Wagner, Markus Policy interconnections in party competition: Issue linkages in 23 countries.

    Lopez-Gonzalez, Jesus Alberto Politics of civil-military relations in Mexico: A historical and institutional approach. A case study of the EU's relations with Ghana and Senegal. Sandewall, Nils Orjan Preferences and skills: Four studies into unobserved human nature and its implications. Cullen, Patrick Jerome Private security in international politics: Deconstructing the state's monopoly of security governance.

    Matosevic, Tihana Profit or care: The motivations of care home owners and managers in England. Xu, Ting Property rights, governance and socio-economic transformation: The revival of private property and its limits in post-Mao China. Norton, Carol Ann Psychological consistency, inconsistency and cognitive dissonance in the relationship between eating meat and evaluating animals.

    Jacob T. Martin's Ph.D. Thesis Defense Presentation (RPI Chemical Engineering)

    Donaldson, David Railroads, economic development and famine prevention: Theory and evidence from India, Johansen, Helene P. M Re-conceptualising party-centred politics in terms of "market. Zorbas, Eugenia Reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda. Discourse and practice. Pearson, John Republicanism beyond borders?

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    Preventing domination in the absence of the state. Barrios, Cristina Rival universalisms? American and European democracy promotion in post-Cold War international relations. Wu, Yue Robust global supply chain planning under uncertainty. Tsamis, Achilleas Science and Technology Parks in the less favoured regions of Europe: An evaluation of their performance and the parameters of success. Andrianova, Anna Simulation of temperature time-series on long time scales with application to pricing weather derivatives.

    Tsirogianni, Stavroula Social values in context: A study of the European knowledge society.